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Solar Maximum LLC has been founded by a group of highly creative Engineers, Inventors and Entrepreneurs. Mr. Danny Royce Jones, Mr. Ali Baghchehsara and Mr. Thomas C. Taylor. Mr. Jones, an engineer and inventor who recently won the 2nd prize at ISDC 2014 in the SunSat Competition, and Ali is an Inventor Entrepreneur, he has won National Aerospace Design 1st Prize at age of 17 and granted to be associate member of Honor Research Society Sigma Xi, They’ve published a book together called Electric Space - Alternative Strategies for Space Solar Power in 2013 (available on Amazon). Mr. Taylor is a space Entrepreneur and was a founder of SpaceHab and Kistler Aerospace. All are active are equity investors.

Concentrated photovoltaics and thermal (CPVT), also sometimes called combined heat and power solar (CHAPS), is a cogeneration or micro cogeneration technology used in concentrated photovoltaics that produces both electricity and heat in the same module. The heat may be employed in district heating, water heating and air conditioning, desalination or process heat.

Solar Maximum's SolMax® CPVT system is a leap forward in solar energy and quite simply one of the greenest solutions available to homeowners today. Your energy energy comes from the sun, not from the power company, which can significantly reduce the homeowner’s utility bills in addition to helping protect the planet. SolMax® CPVT is an all-in-one system, which simplifies specification and installation for the contractor. Its solar collectors can generate much more energy than traditional photovoltaic solar panels at a fraction of the cost. The 40- 120-gallon system system comes in a four-panel configuration. In addition, the ENERGY STAR®-qualified SolMax® CPVT is eligible for a federal tax credit of 30% of the entire installation cost with no cap. Furthermore, local utility rebates and State Tax Credits are often available in addition to the federal tax credit. A four panel system provides over 1,300 watts of electrical and 3,120 watts of thermal energy. Total solar energy recovery 4,420 watts.




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